Dan Goodley, University of Sheffield:

Katherine Runswick-Cole, Manchester Metropolitan University:

Rebecca Lawthom, Manchester Metropolitan University:

  • Can we be human(e) in (in)human/e times? (to be linked) Inaugural Lecture, Thursday 4th December 2014. Presented at Birley Building, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

Can we be human(e) in (in)human/e times ? The times they are a changing whether austerity measures, here in the UK or globalization more widely. In this talk, Rebecca presents the benefits of working with and through others in a collective approach. She draws on her communities of inquiry to help address the questions of human beings and being human(e) in opposition to locating ‘revolting subjects’. She uses ideas of community of practice, community psychology, disability studies, feminism, and co-production to explore this. How might we collectively think about the communities we work with and live in to secure a future with social justice?

This lecture was dedicated to the @JusticeforLB campaign (#justiceforLB) and the campaign for justice for all young dudes (see #JusticeforLB).


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