Here are some related research projects and networks:

Disability Studies at the University of Sheffield  Tweet @Disabilityuos

A group of academics, postgraduates and postdoctoral researchers who are interested in the inter-disciplinary and transdisciplinary process of theorising disability and challenging the conditions of disablism: the exclusion of people with physical, sensory and cognitive impairments.

Big Society? Disabled People with Learning Disabilities and Civil Society  Tweet @BigSocietyDis

The webpages of the ESRC funded project ‘Big Society? Disabled People with Learning Disabilities and Civil Society’.

iHuman: Institute for the Study of the Human

A website for the iHuman (Institute for the Study of the Human at the University of Sheffield).

White Rose Studies of Ableism

This Research Collaboration – funded by the White Rose Consortium – brings together researchers from the disciplines of critical psychology, education, sociology and social policy across the Universities of Sheffield, Leeds and York to interrogate the ideology and practice of ableism.

School of Education, University of Sheffield Tweet @EducationSheff

At the School of Education you will discover a diverse and welcoming academic community. We attract students from all over the UK and from countries throughout the world. We are respected internationally for our forward-thinking teaching and influential research.

The TAOS Institute is a group of scholars and practitioners committed to the belief that social constructionist ideas have powerful and positive implications for human life and well-being.

The Critical Institute is a non-profit organisation set up and run by academics and activist practitioners. It offers a democratic and interdisciplinary platform to debate, learn and collaborate on world class critical research, teaching and practice.


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