• Seminar: ‘Support, interdependence and disability’ Wednesday 18th March 2015, Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU); exact venue TBC.
  • Seminar: ‘Disability: An opportunity to rethink the human’, Professor Dan Goodley Monday 9th February 2015, Geoffrey Manton Lecture Theatre 4, Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), 5.30pm FREE (Tickets available on Eventbrite). In a world that values independence, autonomy and self-sufficiency, at a time of austerity when these ‘human’ qualities are seemingly essential, disability is often evoked as a sign of human limitation, lack and deficiency. Disabled people have historically been excluded from the categories of human and citizen. This marginalisation continues today, across the globe, with many disabled people being excluded from schools, communities and workplaces. In contrast, how might we include disability as the starting point for thinking about how construct the world and refashion our understandings about what it means to be a human being. Drawing on recent research projects with colleagues including Rebecca Lawthom and Katherine Runswick-Cole, this talk will demonstrate the opportunities provided by disability to think about a number of human qualities including being dishuman, embracing vulnerability, promoting interdependence and queering the norms.

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